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08 February 2010 Last Updated on 08 February 2010 Sally Pemberton

Sorry I don't know any other way of putting it! Thanks for moving the willow as well. I haven't counted the bundles but there must be 50-60. Two school teams are due to come and collect some stems so they will be put to good use as well. Please feel free to take any willow you need e.g. for fedging or bean sticks

If anyone has time or inclination to join me, I will be at the willow for the next 2 Sunday mornings (14 & 21st Feb), taking the cut willow to my bit of land, and hopefully making more bundles and cutting some slender stems for weaving.

There is also the possibility of a weaving workshop if anyone is interested.  It will be at Paxmead or in the boathouse next to it, maybe in the next couple of months. Let me know if you are interested.

Meanwhile below is the recipe for Alice's cowpat biscuits

Thanks again


For more details contact: 07778 370 571/01932 227 679


6oz rolled oats

6oz brown sugar - dark as possible

4oz plain flour

6 oz butter melted with a tablespoon of golden syrup (also works with honey as        an alternative)

1 tsp bicarb mixed with 2 tsp boiling water

4 oz raisins and/or mixed with candied peel, nuts, chopped cherries (to suit/as        available)

Mix everything together and place in small (walnut sized) balls spread far apart on a greased tray - you'll probably need about 4 trays.

Cook 12 mins in oven at 325F/162C/Gas 4  but be warned, all that sugar burns really easily so don't let them overcook.      Enjoy!

Thanks for Faggoting! & Alice’s Cow Pat Biscuits