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Lawrence Hole’s Legacy

Many people have seen Lawrence quietly watering and weeding around trees in the streets of Bookham and Fetcham. He was a true Tree Warden at heart. He continued to wield the spade and mallet until March 2017 when we planted the last trees in the 2016/2017 planting season, and he was still seen watering and weeding in May. He died following a short illness on 19th July 2017, aged 78.

Lawrence became a Tree Warden in the 1980’s when their number nationally was less than 150 members.

In 2012 he appealed for new Tree Wardens to form a local group in Bookham and Fetcham. He had learned of The Big Tree Plant which aimed to plant 1 million trees to celebrate the Queen’s 60th Jubilee.

5 volunteers answered his advertisement and The Bookham and Fetcham Tree Warden Group was set up.

Lawrence suggested planting a specimen tree to mark the Queen’s Jubilee but the Big Tree Plant was offering money for whole planting schemes over 3 years……so a scheme was planned.

The grant for our plan was accepted and we planted trees in local schools, the Old Barn Hall field, Chrystie Recreation Ground, Kennel Lane, Lower Road, Leatherhead Road, 18 street trees in South Bookham and elsewhere. Once we became known we were asked by residents to plant in their roads, and so the plantings have continued throughout Bookham, especially in 1960, 70's and 80's developments where trees have been lost over time. On a soggy day in 2016 we planted our 100th tree in Barn Meadow Lane.

Above Right: Jenny Wilson, Lawrence Hole Jenny Wilson, Lawrence Hole and Frances Fancourt plant the 100th tree on the Green at Barn Meadow  Lane   

Lawrence’s special pride and endeavour is the 12 trees planted in Richmond Way and Harecroft near his home.

He now leaves a legacy of over 120 trees planted locally. We will continue with this successful group which he was instrumental in founding.

Frances Fancourt, July 2017