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Tree Pests Articles and Related subjects

Dieback on Ash - Chalara fraxinea

Information about identifying tree fungal pests with illustrations

New Tree Diseases in      The UK

The Oak Processionary Moth

Information about identifying tree diseases - illustrated

Emerald Ash Borer Beetle

Information about identifying tree insect pests with Illustrations

Presentation by Derek Patch, Arboricultural Advisory and Information Service - future diseases

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Trees - Pests

It is important to be able  to recognise when a tree is healthy or not. You may well be asked this question many times by concerned local  residents. Whilst you may not be a  professional arboriculturalist it is none the less useful to have a basic  knowledge of tree health, so you can point someone in the right direction.

Trees - Pest and Disease

Below are three identification papers that may be of interest to you. They are not wholly conclusive and should not be used solely to identify any tree health issues. Remember if you are not professionally qualified always ensure a professional second opinion is sought.

In addition, there is a fourth document, Pests and Diseases of the Future, a presentation made by Derek Patch at the Tree Warden Co-ordinator’s Conference, 2007, about the affects on trees of climate change.