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Spelthorne Tree Warden Group News

Tree Wardens Trailer Stolen - Posted by Sally

On Thursday or Friday last week, the Tree Wardens trailer and tree stakes were stolen from the field where we have our tree nursery for planting street trees around Spelthorne.  Spelthorne Council doesn't have the funds for tree planting, so we do it as volunteers, funded largely by donations from the residents who ask for the trees to be planted. The kind people who stole our stuff know this full well, because there is a Tree Wardens sign on the gate and they have no doubt seen us there. They knew it when they stole our water pump and more stakes last year, and jemmied the wire of the fence posts to let the horses in that trashed our trees.

This, combined with the destruction by the Council of our vegetable plots on the Towpath, means trust in humanity is currently at an all time low!

The trailer is 4' x 7' and has a bar welded across front and rear. If anyone spots it could they let me know - thanks